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Keen to strengthen existing skills or build new capabilities for yourself or your team?

Thought provoking, engaging and interactive, our training workshops are designed for participants to leave with strategies and tools they can immediately apply. We use a blend of case studies, videos, individual and group work, to ensure there is an opportunity to understand and apply the concepts discussed. Training workshops can be customized. Available in person, hybrid or virtual.  ​

Review the program outline and register for the Foundations for Crisis Management Workshop below

Foundations of Successful Crisis Management & Communications
Wednesday, July 17th, 2024 ** 9:00 am - 4:30 pm ** Delivered virtually via Zoom ** Only $339.00 CDN (incl. taxes
link will be provided you once you register, along with a few pre-reads and a workbook to maximize your learning experience (once complete payment is completed). 

PHASE I: Crisis Preparedness
This part of the course will provide participants with a focused review of the essentials to ready themselves and their organization to effectively navigate a crisis. Frameworks and templates are provided. It includes: 

Crisis Assessment
- Learn how to identify your most likely organizational risks and vulnerabilities

Crisis Governance

- Gain insight into the importance of creating a Crisis Leadership Team, how it should be comprised, and the roles and responsibilities of team members

Stakeholder Identification, Mapping & Engagement
- Acquire the knowledge to properly identify the key stakeholders who might be impacted by your crisis, learn how to prioritize outreach, and the most effective engagement strategies 


PHASE II: Crisis Management  
This section will leave participants with increased confidence and clarity about the specific steps to take when a crisis occurs. Case studies, strategies and tools are all provided. It includes:

Activating Crisis Leadership Team
- Acquire the crisis strategy checklist you will need to actively manage the crisis

Crisis Communications

- Enhance your understanding of communicating with both internal and external audiences, audit your communications infrastructure to understand which channel is best suited for which audience at a given time 

Dealing with Media

- Learn the best strategies to use when you're in the spotlight of scrutiny

Message Maps
- Formulate compelling crisis messages following a simple 5-step process 

PHASE III: Crisis Recovery   
Once the crisis is over, the lessons learned are not! Strengthen your knowledge about the next steps after you return to 'business as usual.' This section includes:

Crisis Recovery
- Understand what steps to take to in order to recover from a crisis 

Crisis Debrief
- Develop and implement a comprehensive audit of the crisis; integrate documented insights into the broader organization; updating the crisis management plan 

Online Reputation Management
- Gain insights into how social media can help repair reputational damage and diminish the impact of future crises 


FACULTY: Jordan Berman has successfully managed global crises for such organizations as Johnson & Johnson and Apotex (among others). He has extensive experience dealing effectively with top tier media during crises including CNN, New York Times, The Washington Post, The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star and many others. He has strengthened the capabilities of hundreds of spokespeople, and shares his expertise through anecdotes, case studies, videos, frameworks and templates so that participants leave with knowledge they can immediately apply.

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