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Need to reenergize or inspre your customers, partners, employees or other stakeholders?

Talk to us about a highly rated keynote available in a range of topics all of which can be customized. Some of our most popular topics are highlighted below.

Power Up: Resilience Rising

There’s a reason the word resilience is thrown around a lot.


That’s because there’s tremendous value in learning to how to strengthen this trait for use in both your personal and professional life. Being able to bounce back quickly without a lasting negative impact can help maintain energy, boost optimisim, strengthen engagement, increase motivation, and unleash innovation and creativity. There are proven methods of reframing adversity, so you feel better sooner. And who doesn’t want that?

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Decoding Trust: The Path to Fostering a High Trust Culture

That high-trust cultures outperform low-trust cultures, result in lower employee turnover, higher employee engagement, better-aligned organizations and more collaborative workforces is undeniable. Decades of research have proven this. The challenge facing many organizations is this: how do you build a high-trust culture?

Not surprisingly, it begins with strong leadership because at its core, leadership is all about cultivating and maintaining the trust of others. This is the only way to gain support for a vision, strategy or the implementation of an organizational, departmental or team plan. Whether you are leading one person or one hundred thousand people, a team, department, function or an entire organization, you must have trust to get your job done. Do you know where to start?

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The Change Navigator:
Leading Organizations Through Transition 

Theories, templates, and plans all have their rightful place in delivering successful organizational change or transformation. But the unsurprising truth and real game changer in successful change management programs is people. How you truly engage and enrol others in the change process – whether they are internal or external to your organization – is the difference maker between success and failure. We see it time and time again. Yet most organizations still fail to heed the call.

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