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Want a fresh perspective? Sounding board? New ideas?

From program design to full implementation and evaluation, we offer a full suite of consulting services. Below are the key areas of focus.

Strategic Communications

The ability to shape and influence your stakeholders – whether internal or external – has never been more important. Whether you are managing a reputational issue or crisis or seeking to raise the profile of your leaders or organization, a compelling narrative and powerful communications strategy plays a fundamental role in your ability to succeed in this regard. 
Messages must be crafted in clear and crisp language and delivered effectively, using the right channel or platform combined with the right timing and approach.

  • Organizational Communications

  • Executive Communications

  • Crisis Communications

  • Crisis & Issues Management

  • Social/Digital Communications

  • Media Relations Strategy 

  • Media Training 

  • Measurement & Impact Audits 

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Change & Transformation

Whether it’s a small system or process change or a large, multi-year transformation, an intentional, structured, well designed and effectively implemented change management program is the difference between success, challenge, and failure.

We can help you brainstorm, plan, implement your change management program, or all of the above.

Program Planning

Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement

Case for Change/Change Visioning

Change Communications Planning

Resistance/Conflict Management

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Culture & Engagement

Are you an established organization that needs to SHIFT or evolve your culture to meet growing challenges or opportunities in the marketplace? Are you a young and growing company that is intent on building the right culture for your business out of the gates?
From increasing collaboration between teams and functions, to embedding a culture of trust, to introducing new behaviours, fostering innovation and continuous improvement, let us help you design and implement a program that delivers concrete and measurable outcomes while unlocking the potential of your greatest asset: your people. 

  • Culture Audits 

  • Mission, vision and purpose

  • Amplifying Values & Behaviours

  • Employee Engagement Programs

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Strategic Planning 

Strategy is not about many choices, but a few. It's as much about what your organization shouldn't its time money and energy on, as it is on where it should allocate these resources. Most organizations have the talent, experience and expertise to craft a powerful strategic plan, but they get stuck on figuring out how to do it. Our strategic planning process and facilitation has been used in multinational, publicly traded organizations, private, family-owned organizations, public sector organizations and not-for-profits.

Discovery sessions

Stakeholder identification and engagement

Gap analyses and opportunities

KPIs and Scorecards

Full strategic plans

Implementation and Operational Plans

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