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Client Testimonials 

"Jordan Berman provided a keynote for an Aurora Chamber of Commerce event with an audience made up of middle managers, directors and c-suite executives on the importance of trust in leadership. 


His presentation was insightful, thought provoking and impactful for everyone in the room.  The examples he used were real-world and relatable; leaving everyone thinking about their leadership style and how they communicate with their peers, direct reports and superiors. 

I would highly recommend Jordan as a speaker to inspire current or future leaders; you won’t be disappointed." 

Sandra Ferri

President & CEO, Aurora Chamber of Commerce

"Thank you so much for the excellent session you facilitated with our team regarding resilience. I really appreciated your interest and understanding of the significant organizational changes we are going through – as this set the foundation for a successful session. Your facilitation skills are excellent – you so capably keyed into the ideas from the group and connected them to the topic at hand. The group was deeply engaged, as was evidenced from the buzz during small group exercises. A week later, we are still seeing the impact – as our teams are reflecting on and talking about the approaches, lessons and tools they took away from the session. We would love to have you work with our team again in the future!"

Jill Vienneau

Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Infrastructure

"It was one of the best leadership talks I have ever heard. It will not only help to build relationships at work, but also in building personal relationships. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!"

M. Gupta

Regulatory Affairs, Apotex

"It's easy no easy task to manage a fast moving dialogue like that one via the medium of zoom. I thought you did a masterful job covering a wide range of ground while still leaving good time for audience questions."

Ray Novak

Chief of Staff for Prime Minister Stephen Harper

"The "simple" truths on leadership we were given by Jordan Berman in 3 hrs. was more valuable than courses I have taken that lasted months. Short, bite-sized and to the point. Great discussion groups that face these situations every day to greater or lesser degree. Great session!"​

Workshop Participant

Public Sector

 "I would like to express our hugest thanks for the two days you have shared with us. Kotters model as a Framework, conflict handling tools, Communication skills, sustaining change etc. etc… as well as all of your wisdom, and experience shared, has certainly equipped us with a tool kit, and newfound skills to manage the changes we have coming our way in the very near future."

Amanda Small

Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

“It was a thought-provoking keynote during our Masterclass on Agile and Resilient Mindset. Jordan highlighted the importance of trust and how trust is relevant while operating in a complex and ambiguous environment. I applaud his thought process and recommend his book "The Trust Trifecta” for leadership development learning programs.”

Ajay Tyagi

Founder, Valt Consulting, Leadership Development, Bangalore, India

“Thanks a million for being a wonderful speaker, and more importantly, a good human being. I truly honor the way you explained the importance of trust in the Leadership context when the future looks uncertain. It was an eye opener, I never knew Leadership is so important and healthy for us to transform to the next level.”

Pallavi Tamboli

Founder & Managing Partner, Pallavi Tamboli People Advisory, Bangalore India

"Jordan was a fabulous instructor. He brought the material to life with many examples and was able to engage all participants. I am excited to return to my office and apply my new knowledge and skills. I am thankful for the time Jordan took to answer all of our questions."

Workshop Participant

"Jordan was very engaging, which is tough in a remote environment! Well balanced mix of content (theory and stories/real-work examples), which kept the course interesting."

Sandy Heymann

Human Capital Thought Leader, President, Heymann Consulting

“Excellent storyteller, very relevant examples through direct experiences, allowed for great dialogue and interaction.”

Workshop Participant

“This was an amazing facilitator. The last 3 days were enjoyable. The examples were relevant and relatable.”

Workshop Participant

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